Sunday, August 16, 2009

PGR BSM Veteran's Hospital, Palo Alto, Ca BBQ

Pics are from top to bottom, click on a pic for a larger pic, text for a pic is under a pic...

Patriot Guard Riders and a
lot of Blue Star Mom's had a BBQ at the Palo Alto Veteran's Hospital. And I can't thank the Blue Star Mom's enough! You are just AWESOME! love you all! They did all the work and the scoot jockeys got to shake hands and carry food and drinks to the vets and make them feel as special as they are! God Bless 'um ALL!

I met many great folks and the visit was one I'll remember for a long time.

We met at our staging point, I took this pic for my daughter, the bikes are purple, it doesn't show as the sun was in the wrong place, couldn't be me... sigh

This Corvette was just great! Driving memorial for that have yet to come home! God Bless 'um and may you be here soon!

The art work was real good!

Big Jake and Georgie coming in just in time, as normal! GBG He's our ALR Dist 13 newly "officially" elected prez, and he normally gets to meetings about 1 minute ahead of time!

Just taking pics of the bikes and folks...

Our RC Don Martin giving us our "say once" on how to behave and ride route.

We arrive, did a bit of drive around, but that's good.

That's my sweet Ruby with 'er flag flying, and some other bikes.. The tan things are wooden beads... I got a Walmart car seat , and if you cut it long, the beads will all fall off and leave a nice length without any retying hassle... live and learn... GBG

Trying to get them all in....

Great decorating!

Bikes, the trike in left front is nice, believe it belongs to Sacco...

Sgtmaj and Dianne "finally" get here! GBG

This is special, whoever in this room made a sign "Thanks", and the thanks goes to the person in the room! God Bless and Healing Prayers for a fast and complete recovery!

This room, top right, is special to one who serves the vets, we'll see a pic in a bit... and he's special to all that honor those that serve, thank you for your service! Jim, as noted above.

Got this from Don: Retired Marine Corps Warrant Officer Jim McDonald... aka Gunner Mac was in the room. Thanks Don!

Getting into the delivery room, the food delivery! It was popular, again, thank you BSM for what you do!

This is the tasty treat table.. I fell victim later.. sigh... I'm soooo weak...

Folks keep moving in and our vets are walking around the tables asking them "what can I get for you?", and it was an honor to be there!

There also were some family members there visiting.

The fats in the fire! Things are cooking, and they did a great job.

Even Sgtmaj liked the cooking smell, on the right...

This is a special pic, Sgtmaj on the left, Suzie Rivera and Jim that was in the pic, upper right of the hospital earlier.

Doug and Dianne went up to his room to help him look out the window so we could wave and salute

He looked in fine form and was pleased to come down to visit. Debbie Smyser reminded me of Suzie's name, thank you!

Suz saw my vest 'nic and said "No way, you ain't Cranky!!!" Of course she's right.. GBG

Someone had the idea of a group pic, and we took 3 dozen.... GBG

I think this is when one of the pic takers dropped a camera and everyone said a mental, awwa crap... I had to publish it as I was in this one, second from the left in front...

Another pic of Jim, with a loved one, and he looked like he was having a good time! God Bless you my friend! I think that was his daughter.

To the Blue Star Mom's, you are all jewelles! God Bless you! I can't think of anyone I'd rather ride for than your children coming home!

And now my ashamed moment... about 1300, I snuck out and went home so I could get a cranky ride in... 3 PGR missions in 3 days, well my crankin' has been effected in about a 2 pound way!

And today's lunck DID NOT HELP!!! But it was great! That cookie table was my downfall.... I fell hard...

Well, I got home and rode for about 1 3/4 hours, got in 17 miles and 1/2 mile of steep hill to get some of those cookies out... I hope at least, I broke even! GBG I only got in 93 miles this week... goal is 100... oh well reset and start again on Mon AM! GBG

Thank you all that rode! You make the difference! God Bless and all that serve!


Don said...

The gent in the window we saluted and who later joined us at the BBQ is retired Marine Corps Warrant Officer Jim McDonald... aka Gunner Mac.

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

The other gent with the Thanks in the window was WWll Army SGT. Makio "Mickey" Akiyama who is 92 yrs young. Mickey was attached to the 442nd Regimental Combat Team which is the most highly decorated unit of its size in all of the US Military. Their members have MOH, Silver stars, Purple Hearts, Presidential Citations. You can read about them....just type in They also have a Honor display on board the USS Hornet. Mickey's picture is in it.
We have been visiting Mickey & Jim weekly for about 2.5 months I think. The lady with Jim in the final photo is his lovely wife. Great pictures Cranky!